4 Car Myths that you Shouldn’t Believe

Here’s the scoop on these popular car myths.

We have lots of rules to follow as drivers and have been given many warnings and tips to help us be better drivers. It’s no surprise that not everything you have been told is completely true. Keep reading to learn the truth behind some common car myths:

Higher-grade fuel will make your car run better.

This might be true if you have a premium car, but in general, it’s not true if you drive a car that takes regular-grade fuel. Just because premium fuel is more expensive doesn’t mean it’s cleaner or purer than regular grade. Premium fuel is just less combustible, which is great for big powerful engines, but it’s not going to make a difference for your everyday commuting car. Using premium fuel just means you’ll be paying more than necessary at the pump.

Red cars get pulled over more often than other cars.

Studies have shown that color doesn’t actually make a difference when it comes to cops pulling over a car. The cars that were actually found to be pulled over the most were Mercedes-Benz SL Class convertibles, but this isn’t too surprising considering the 2013 version goes from 0 to 100mph in just 4.4 seconds. I think it’s safe to say that if you drive fast, you’re more likely to get pulled over.

Everything will explode if you use your cell phone at the gas pump.

I think we might have all heard this one, it’s pretty popular! I’m not sure who came up with it, or why they did. Maybe they were tired of people taking way too long at the pump because they were on their phones. Whatever the case, the mystery was solved once and for all when the Federal Communications Commission did an investigation and found that no gas pump explosion had ever occurred because of someone using their phone at them pump.

A car will protect you from a bullet during a shoot out.

We all have Hollywood to blame for this one. All of our favorite action heroes and villains use cars as a shield from bullets. Bullets would actually pierce straight through the metal. Also relatable, Hollywood has also made us believe that shooting the gas tank of a car will cause the car to explode. This is also a myth, a bullet shot at a gas tank will simply enter and exit the tank.

While it’s important to follow the rules you have been given, especially with something as serious as driving, just know that with every set of rules there are myths. Hopefully, these few debunked myths will make your life a little easier, and set your mind at ease.

Written by Cardinal Plaza Shell

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