5 Steps to Getting the Most out of Your Tires


When it comes to tires, sometimes we forget just how important they are.

Here in the mid-atlantic, we’re lucky to get to fully experience all four seasons! Now that summer is over, it’s time to get your car ready for fall and winter! While you should get your entire car inspecting following your summer of fun, make sure you pay close attention to your tires. Properly maintained tires can keep you safe on the roads and keep money in your pocket! Here are 5 tips to keeping your tires properly maintained.

Make Sure Your Tires All Have the Right Air Pressure

The recommended air pressure of your tires is located in your owner’s manual or in the driver’s door jam. Both over and under inflation can lead to dangerous situations, so make sure you check your air pressure at least once a week. Also, your air pressure can change based on the weather. As the temperatures state to drop, make sure you top up!

Check for Tire Tread Depth

Your tire tread determines your control and stopping distance. The grooves in the treads help you keep traction even in rainy weather. To check your tire tread, place a penny upside down in your tread. If President Lincoln’s head is covered, you’re ok. If not, head to your local tire experts for an inspection.

Inspect for Damage

The smallest things can cause the most damage when it comes to your tires. If you sense that one of your tires may be leaking air, check it for a puncture. If you can see signs of damage, do not drive on that tire if you can avoid it. Change it out for the spare and bring it in for an inspection.

Rotate Every 5000 Miles

Your tires wear differently due to your car’s weight distribution and driving patterns. Make sure they’re wearing evenly by getting them rotated every 5,000 miles.

When in Doubt, Replace

When they’re driven and rotated regularly, tires can last up to 50,000 miles or 6 years. If the car isn’t driven frequently, tires can dry and rot from the inside out. Often times cracks will form on the sidewall or tread of the tire. If you see these signs or think the tires have been sitting for too long, have them replace.

Tires are vital to the safety of your vehicle. If you have tire questions or would like to have your tires inspected, come by Springfield’s local home for auto repair and maintenance!

Written by Cardinal Plaza Shell

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