BF Goodrich Tires in Springfield, VA at Cardinal Plaza Shell

History, Innovation, Aeronautics, and Racing

Why Buy BFGoodrich Tires?

Cardinal Plaza Shell in Springfield, VA offers BF Goodrich tires. BF Goodrich has made a name for itself through out the years. They have produced everything from golf balls, to airplane tires, to the first tubeless tire. However, they have always retuned to tires. BF Goodrich has always strived to produce quality tires that are innovative and safe. They have always been on the cutting edge of the industry when it comes to tire wear, longevity, and safety. They have specially designed tires for the Toyota Tacoma and Ford Mustang. Additionally, they have models available for cars, trucks, SUV’s, and commercial vehicles. Call Cardinal today with any questions regarding our stock of BF Goodrich tires.

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If you are in the market for new tires stop by Cardinal Plaza Shell. One of our Tire Sales Specialist will help you find just the right set to fit your vehicle. We also offer full service tire repair and maintenance. Our goal isn’t to just sell you tires, but also help you extend the life of them. Timely maintenance is important to prolonging your tires life; this includes alignment, rotation, tire pressure, tread wear, and depth. Check out the specials page for valuable coupons to use on your next visit. Call or schedule appointment online today. Walk-ins Welcome.