4 Car Myths that you Shouldn’t Believe

Here’s the scoop on these popular car myths. We have lots of rules to follow as drivers and have been given many warnings and tips to help us be better drivers. It’s no surprise that not everything you have been told is completely true. Keep reading to learn the truth behind some common car myths:

Drive Green: How Hybrids and EVs Affect the Environment

Rising in popularity, hybrids and electric vehicles fit in with the consumer fad of increasing sustainability. It’s no secret that vehicles have greatly contributed to the Earth’s pollution. Cars have contributed about 75% of the Earth’s total carbon monoxide pollutants and about one-third of total air pollution. EVs and hybrids are a step into a

Extend the Life of Your Tires and Save Money

As much as we’d love to sell you a new set of tires, it’s better to make the ones you have last as long as possible. That’s why we’re dedicated today’s blog entry to extending the life of your tires. If you follow these three easy mainteneance steps, you’ll maximize their life and save money

Back to School

Get Ready for Back to School

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of alarm clocks being set for the first day of school! Summer break is over and it’s time to grab the backpacks and ship them off to school. Here are some tips to help you have a smooth send off! Get Ready the Night Before The night before

Vehicle Noises - Woman Listening to Car

Vehicle Noises: Listening to Your Car While Driving

Have you heard any strange and unfamiliar vehicle noises coming from your car recently? Rattling, grinding, buzzing, squealing, whistling. These are some of the many different warning sounds that will let you know it is time to take your car in for a tune up. Don’t let these noises take you by surprise! Here are