You Might Notice A New Addition To Our Landscape…

We’ve Added To Our Shop Decor! Most of our customers that we love a good landscape! We take a lot of pride in the outside of our building, and we strive to make our shop an inviting place for people to come to. Earlier this month, we came upon a vintage 1946 Chevrolet pickup truck,

Charity Spotlight: Jill’s House

Racing Across America for Children with Special Needs & Their Families Each month during the year, Cardinal Plaza Shell chooses a charity near and dear to our hearts to support and donate a portion of our sales to. During the month of June, we supported Jill’s House during their annual Race Across America event –

Wheel Alignments: 4 Reasons Your Car Needs One

When is the last time you got a wheel alignment? Your trusted mechanic has probably told you that you needed one, but you just brushed it off, didn’t you? You don’t have to lie to us, we’ve heard it all before! But what you may not realize is that getting regular wheel alignments is a

You’re Not Using the Right Gas in Your Car

When you pull your car up to the gas station to fuel up, which type of gas do you choose? Most gas stations nowadays carry three main types of gasoline (not including diesel): Regular, Midgrade and Premium. Now be honest, are you just always choosing the cheapest, regular gas option to fuel up your automobile?