Complimentary White Glove Concierge Vehicle Pickup & Delivery Service at Cardinal Plaza Shell

Free Vehicle Pickup and Delivery at Cardinal Plaza Shell in Springfield VAYour busy schedule has gotten in the way of getting things done for far too long. We found that when many of our customers were prioritizing their to-do lists, keeping up with their car’s maintenance services was falling to the bottom, which really isn’t safe or cost effective! If you don’t keep your car maintained, you could be driving around in an unsafe vehicle that will leave you stranded! You’ll also end up spending a lot more on a major repair than you would have on a simple, regular maintenance service such as an oil change.

Here at Cardinal Plaza Shell, we wanted to help remedy this problem, and make it as absolutely easy as possible for our customers to keep their automobiles safe and reliable. We came up with the idea, hired professional drivers, purchased white gloves and started offering our complimentary White Glove Concierge Service – we’ll come to you, pickup your car for service, fix it and return it to you!

How the White Glove Concierge Service works, in 4 Easy Steps:

Step 1: HELP!

You notice a problem with your car that needs to be checked out as soon as possible. Of course there’s no time like the present, but your present is already booked by your job. Or maybe you just need to be at home during the day. Then you remember that there’s an auto repair shop – Cardinal Plaza Shell – that delivers to you, wherever you are. Simply give us a call or reach out to us online to schedule an appointment.


Our White Glove Concierge Service is here to revolutionize the automotive industry’s standards for customer convenience and expectation. Remember what it used to be like before pizzas were delivered? Exactly. We want our services to fit into your schedule, where time is no longer an issue. One of our professional Concierge Drivers will come to your home or office and pick up your vehicle for you. While your day continues as scheduled, your car will be in good hands.


Our Concierge Driver will safely drive your vehicle back to our auto repair shop in Springfield, where our ASE Certified technicians will diagnose, service, repair and maintain your vehicle as needed.

Step 4: RELIABLE DELIVERY!          

Before you know it, we’ll have your car back to the parking lot or driveway we picked it up from, fixed and ready to go! You no longer have to try to schedule rides with friends or drop-off your car during your lunch break, with Cardinal Plaza Shell’s free vehicle pickup and delivery service, auto maintenance always fits into your schedule.

Our Customers Love This Service

…Now it’s your turn to give it a try!


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