Do You Need Transmission Repair?

Don’t Ignore These Signs

Your transmission is an essential part of your vehicle. If you have an issue with your transmission, continuing to drive can cause it to fail completely and prevent you from safely traveling. Look out for these signs that you need repair services and discover a reliable auto repair center in Springfield, Virginia.

Gear Shifting Issues

This sign can happen to automatic or manual transmissions. Listen for hesitations as your car shifts into gear. If it has any difficulties, such as shifting out of gear for no reason, jerking when shifting, or other problems, don’t wait to stop by a local auto repair center. Shifting problems can lead to serious damage if left unchecked. Restore your vehicle’s performance for less with frequent inspections and preventative maintenance.

Strange Sounds

Listen carefully to your transmission as you change gears. Any unusual whines, buzzing, clunking, or other sounds need to be inspected promptly. You may hear these sounds only when you shift your vehicle, or they may be present when you’re in neutral or idling.

Unusual sounds may be caused by friction issues. If that’s the case, you may simply need new transmission fluid. Unfortunately, these sounds could also be a sign that the inner parts are already compromised and require a complete rebuild service.

Transmission Fluid Issues

Ask a professional technician to inspect the color, odor, and consistency of your transmission fluid. Over time, your transmission oil becomes contaminated and needs to be changed to properly lubricate moving components. Low, cloudy, or sludgy fluid can cause gears to grind and become damaged.

New transmission fluid is far more affordable than a complete rebuild. Have your vehicle’s fluids checked periodically to avoid friction damage on moving parts. This simple maintenance step can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars by avoiding transmission rebuild or replacement services.

Enjoy Reliable Transmission Repairs in Springfield, Virginia

Keep your vehicle moving forward with reliable inspections and repairs for your transmission. Schedule a service at Cardinal Plaza Shell today to enjoy AAA approved auto repair in Springfield, Virginia. We work with all makes and models of domestic and foreign vehicles and cover oil changes, transmission services, and other routine or specialized care.

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