Eco-Friendly Car Driving Tips

Keep Your Car a Green Machine with Auto Repair Services

Four Eco-Friendly Driving Tips

Whether you’re headed into the office or on a weekend road trip, your car is your main source of transportation. Sadly, the more you drive, the more toxic fumes your vehicle releases into the environment. To decrease car-related air pollution, many companies have begun making electric and hybrid vehicles. However, many people still drive gas-powered cars. You can still do your part to help the environment. The auto repair experts at Cardinal Plaza Shell in Springfield, Virginia, are here to help.

Here are four eco-friendly driving tips to help keep the world a little greener.

Limit Short-Distance Trips

Want to visit your friend or family member that lives only a block away? How about dropping your kids off at their nearby school? It may be a quicker, more convenient solution to hop into your car and drive, but it’s still harmful to the environment. Be prudent when taking short-distance trips. If your engine is not completely warmed up, it will generate more toxic fumes. If you need to make short trips, try grouping them and doing them back to back. Or enjoy some fresh air and walk to your destination. Be sure never to allowwith makingallow with your car to heat up while idling. This will also release more fumes into the air.

Drive Smarter and Slower

Your driving habits can impact your carbon footprint. If you drive well above the speed limit, not only do your chances of a collision increase but the number of fumes your car releases. You can boost your safety and gas mileage while emitting fewer greenhouse gases by driving at or under the speed limit. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Carry Fewer Loads

Many of us are guilty of stashing a lot of stuff in our vehicles. However, a car full to the brim is also heavier, making it less ecologically responsive. Keep your vehicle as light as possible by clearing out the backseat and trunk and taking off your roof racks.

Properly Maintaining Your Vehicle

A properly maintained car will affect its surroundings a lot less than a car that’s not cared for. To ensure your car doesn’t become a gas guzzler, stay on top of its routine maintenance.

Become an Eco-Friendly Driver

Keep your car a green machine by getting regular auto repair services at Cardinal Plaza Shell in Springfield, Virginia. To schedule a tune-up or automotive repair appointment, call us today at 703-451-6280 or stop by our shop.

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