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Exhaust Smoke Color Diagnosis: What It Means

When it comes to driving, most Springfield, Virginia, drivers understand that green means go and red means stop. But colors also play an important role in your vehicle’s health. Do you know what blue or black exhaust smoke means? Don’t worry! The emissions testing service professionals at Cardinal Plaza Shell are here to give you the lowdown on exhaust colors.

White or Light Exhaust Smoke

Light-colored or white exhaust smoke is considered normal and healthy. Typically, this kind of smoke is simply just water vapor. You’ll notice white exhaust smoke coming from your tailpipe when you first start your car. This is especially true on colder days. When condensation collects in the exhaust system, it can turn the smoke white.

Black Exhaust Smoke

Thick, black smoke clouds coming from your vehicle aren’t normal. This is probably an indicator that your car is burning too much fuel. There are several different culprits behind black exhaust smoke, including a clogged air filter, blocked manifolds, and fuel injection system issues. If you notice black exhaust smoke coming from your car, bring it to Cardinal Plaza Shell in Springfield, Virginia, for a check-up.

Blue or Gray Exhaust Smoke

Blue or gray exhaust smoke could be a sign of car troubles. This color smoke generally means your vehicle is suffering from an oil leak and that its engine is burning oil. Many things can cause an oil leak, such as bad piston rings, worn-out cylinder walls, and valve seal leaks. If your car is leaking oil, here is less lubrication in the engine, leading to expensive auto repairs. Call Cardinal Plaza Shell to schedule an appointment.

Continuous Thick Gray or White Exhaust Smoke

A stream of white or gray smoke continuously coming from your car means you have a leaky head gasket. During warm Virginian summers, this could cause your engine to overheat. Schedule an auto repair appointment right away.

Emissions Testing in Springfield, Virginia

Even if your car is only releasing white smoke, it’s still important to make it emissions test-ready. Bring your vehicle into Cardinal Plaza Shell in Springfield, Virginia, to ensure it passes the Virginia state emissions test. Contact us at 703-451-6280 to make an appointment now.

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