How Long Will My Auto Repair in Springfield Take?

“How long will my auto repair take?”

This is one of the most common auto repair questions that mechanics hear. What many people don’t realize is that we want your auto repair to take the least amount of time possible just like you do.

At Cardinal Plaza Shell, we are a family owned and operated auto repair shop in Springfield, VA, and we understand how inconvenient it is for you to be without your vehicle, because it’s hard for us to be without our family vehicle as well!

Our goal is always to provide the best auto repair in Springfield, VA, and of course a big part of that is providing fast auto repair services. There are several factors that affect how long an auto repair will take.

Springfield Mechanic talking to a family about their auto repair service

4 Factors That Affect the Speed of Your Auto Repair Service

1. Diagnosis of the Auto Repair. Sometimes that diagnosis of your car trouble is easy, other times it’s harder to nail down. Communicating all of your car’s “symptoms” when you bring your vehicle in for repair will help us to better diagnose the problem.

2. Part Availability. We have a wide variety of car parts in stock at our Springfield auto repair shop, but there are literally tens of thousands of auto repair parts on the market. Think about how many different vehicle makes, models and years there are! Sometimes we have to order a car part to complete your auto repair, and that affects how long your auto repair will take.

3. Manual Labor Time. This is the amount of time it takes for us to repair your vehicle, and it varies according to the complexity of the auto repair. At Cardinal Plaza Shell, our auto mechanics are highly skilled, ASE Certified Technicians. Our experience helps us provide faster auto repairs in Springfield.

4. Daily Workload. At an auto repair shop in Springfield, some days are slow and some days are very busy. The amount of time it takes to repair your vehicle will depend on where you are in the auto repair queue. We work quickly to get through all of the auto services we need to provide!

At Cardinal Plaza Shell, we are always here to answer you car repair questions. We work hard to make sure we repair and service your automobile as quickly as possible, because we understand how important your vehicle is to you, and how hard it is to get around without it!


Written by Cardinal Plaza Shell