How Motor Oil Is Made

From Crude to Conventional

Oil is an essential fluid in an internal combustion engine. Your vehicle uses motor oil for proper lubrication of moving parts. Learn how oil is made, why it’s important to keep up on your routine oil change and where you can go in Springfield, Virginia for reliable maintenance and repairs.

Refining Crude Oil

It all starts with crude oil. This natural product is deep in the ground in underground reservoirs. After seismic surveys discover the location of crude oil, powerful drills tap into wells of oil to draw it up and prepare it for the refining process.

Creating Conventional Oil

Crude oil has far too many foreign materials and sediment to be used in your vehicle. It must first be processed using extreme heat and evaporation to refine it. Conventional oil only uses about 20% of crude oil. Manufacturers then include additives, cleaning agents and modifiers to improve the lubrication, temperature resistance and rust inhibiting properties of conventional oil.

Conventional oil is separated into different weights depending on its thickness and how temperature affects it. Some oil weights are capable of operating in extremely cold temperatures, while others are best used for warmer weather applications.

Making Synthetic Oil

While conventional oil has many of the impurities of crude oil removed during processing, there are still some impurities and inconsistencies present. On the molecular level, there are still many sizes of molecules. Modern technology allows manufacturers to refine oil even more to create uniform molecules with very few impurities. This result is called synthetic oil.

Synthetic oil requires more time and processing but has many benefits compared to conventional options. On average, synthetic can lubricate better in high and low temperatures and has a longer lifespan than conventional.

Finding Reliable Oil Change Services Near You

Even the most refined oil still breaks down over time. To keep your engine operating efficiently and free from sludge, stop by Cardinal Plaza Shell in Springfield, Virginia. Schedule an oil change today or find out how to choose the ideal weight and type of oil for your vehicle. Don’t settle for oil that can damage your engine, but enjoy an affordable maintenance service with a high-quality oil option today.

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