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Cardinal Plaza Shell strives to provide our community with complete auto repair, maintenance, and care. However, it is not just about vehicle repair. It is also about our customers, employees, and community. We not only treat our employees like family but our customers as well. We have worked hard to foster a great relationship within the community for being customer driven and community minded. You can find a dozen repair shops easily, but you cannot find one that cares about their customers and community who has the same level of experience in the industry as Cardinal Plaza Shell. Check out the article recently written by Debbie Briggs at Cardinal Plaza Shell: Keeping Pace With An Evolving Industry, But Firmly Planted In Core Values for more information on what we do and who we are!

But Wait There’s More….

As I said before, it is more than just providing dependable repairs and maintenance service. It is also about setting our employees up for success. Part of that is having the business run smoothly through organization and being prepared. From the shop tools to the office supplies, being organized is crucial to help productivity and efficiency within an auto repair shop. It is important to know what you have and how often you use items. If there are items around your shop that do not have a use or have not been used in quite sometime, get rid of them to make room for the things you use more often. Having a clean and organized workplace helps increase productivity and efficiency. Organization is more than important its crucial! Check out what tips and tricks we shared with Tech Shop Mag’s Shahla Siddiqi here: Get Organized! A Place for Everything – and Everything in Its Place.

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