Is It Dangerous to Drive With Bad Alignment?

How Poor Alignment Hurts Your Car

If your car’s wheels are out of alignment, you may be wondering how serious the situation really is. The truth is that improper wheel alignment isn’t just bad for your tires – it’s bad for your safety on the road. Here are just a few of the consequences that can come from bad alignment and some advice from Cardinal Plaza Shell in Springfield, Virginia on what you can do to protect against this problem.

Costly Suspension Damage

A misaligned set of wheels can put a great deal of stress on your automobile’s suspension system over time. This can lead to damaged components that result in an unstable vehicle and expensive repairs. Getting bad alignment fixed early on can help prevent this from happening.

Dangerous Tire Issues

Poor wheel alignment can lead to tire issues such as tire drag, (which leads to excessive fuel consumption) and uneven wear, (which can be very dangerous for drivers and their passengers on the road). If you want to increase the life and safety of your tires, make sure that they are properly aligned at all times.

Hazardous Steering Problems

One of the most dangerous effects of bad wheel alignment is steering difficulty. Being unable to steer your vehicle properly increases the risk of an accident. Your tires can drag, the brakes may not work right, and your handling can be compromised — all situations that spell trouble where safe driving is concerned. Keep the control of your vehicle in your hands by getting your wheels realigned as needed.

Where can you turn for help with your car’s wheel alignment? Cardinal Plaza Shell in Springfield, Virginia offers full-service auto care and repairs, including the wheel alignment you need to stay safe and protect your tires. Our caring team always puts customers first. Our experienced technicians and advisors are all ASE Certified – Cardinal Plaza Shell is even a ASE Blue Seal of Excellence auto shop. Are you ready to schedule your service appointment? Give us a call at 703-451-6280. We are open every day from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm to meet the needs of your busy day!

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