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Nissan drivers know their vehicle is the pound-for-pound best car on the road. That’s where the mechanics at Cardinal Plaza Shell want to keep it, on the road. Our mechanics have spent many years developing Nissan expertise, and that’s exactly what we offer our customers. Any issue with your Nissan that arises should be brought to our shop asap. A wealth of experience and training with Nissan’s fleet will ensure you receive the best car care and service. Nissan’s reputation is that of dependability, and that’s exactly why we’re the best auto repair shop for your Nissan. We’re just alike.

Keep Moving Forward in Your Nissan

Nissan’s focus on innovation and the future always keeps it on the cusp of technological advancement. Mechanics need to stay educated and knowledgeable to keep up. That’s exactly what Cardinal Plaza Shell mechanics do. Using the most advanced diagnostic and repair tools and understanding Nissan’s unique make-up, makes us the perfect auto shop to service your vehicle. Don’t take a step backward, but always move forward by bringing your Nissan into Cardinal Plaza Shell.