Speedometer Calibration Check in Springfield, VA

We Can Help With Your Virginia Speeding Ticket Defense!

It’s no secret that Virginia speeding tickets are no joke. Our state is quick to catch anyone driving over the speed limit! But sometimes you may not realize that you’re speeding because your speedometer isn’t calibrated correctly anymore. When you need a speedometer check in Springfield, VA, simply call the expert auto repair mechanics at Cardinal Plaza Shell!

VA Speedometer Checks, Complete With Court Recognized Documents

At Cardinal Plaza Shell, we have been providing speedometer checks in Springfield, VA with speeding ticket defense for more than 20 years. We have the technology and expertise to test the accuracy of your car’s speedometer to determine if it is properly calibrated. Once we test your vehicle’s speedometer, we can provide a court recognized, notarized document that can be used in your defense should you want to fight your speeding ticket! This is very important, because not all auto repair shops or dealers are able to provide the necessary speedometer calibration certificates that can be used in court. Depending on the results of the calibration tests, your traffic court judge could choose to reduce your speeding ticket, saving you money.

Why Should I Get My Vehicle’s Speedometer Checked?

Have you ever been giving a speeding ticket, but didn’t think you were going as fast as the officer clocked you as going? Chances are the speedometer in your car isn’t calibrated correctly. This means that it isn’t displaying the correct speed you’re driving to you. It can be hard to obey the speed limit when you don’t know how fast you’re going! After you get a speeding ticket, bring your automobile to Cardinal Plaza Shell and we’ll be happy to take a look at your speedometer for you. Simply stop by, give us a call or schedule your appointment online today. We’re here to help!