Tire Blowout Safety Tips

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Surviving a Tire Blowout

Experiencing a ruptured tire on the highway can be a downright terrifying experience. Did you know that tire blowouts cause more than 78,000 crashes each year? Understanding how to handle a tire blowout using these important steps while driving can keep you and others safe. The tire repair experts at Cardinal Plaza Shell in Springfield, Virginia, are here to provide some pro tips on how to survive a tire blowout.

Remain Calm

If your tire blows out when you’re driving, it’s critical to keep your cool. Panicking can cause you to over-correct and drive into oncoming traffic. Stay calm and firmly grip your steering wheel. Don’t turn it, don’t step on the brakes, and don’t take your foot off the gas pedal. These actions can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Steer Straight

Your vehicle will suddenly pull to one side after it suffers a tire blowout. It may even start to fishtail or wobble. Keep your hands firmly on the ten and two positions of your steering wheel, and don’t turn it. Do your best to keep your vehicle driving straight.

Tap the Gas Pedal

While this may sound counterintuitive, gently tapping the gas pedal after a blowout can help you maintain control of your car by keeping it driving forward. After you’ve regained control, slowly release your gas pedal. Never, ever hit your brakes.

Allow Your Car to Naturally Slow Down

Think of a blown tire like a parachute for your car. It will naturally slow your vehicle down itself. You’ll quickly decelerate, so turn on your emergency lights as soon as possible. You should still be keeping your vehicle straight and not turning the steering wheel.

Gently Use the Brakes Under 30 MPH

Once your vehicle is driving under 30 MPH, gently turn the steering wheel to guide it off the road. Park it far away from the highway in a large shoulder or parking lot. When you’re safely parked away from traffic, take a deep breath and call for a tow.

How to Avoid a Tire Blowout

There are some pre-measures you can take to help avoid tire blowouts. Check your tire pressure and tread regularly. Most blowouts are caused by improper pressure. Never drive on worn-out or old tires.

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