Will a Tune Up fix a Rough Idle?

Tune up. Tune up is a term as ubiquitous to the automotive industry as microwave is to kitchen. Except that it’s all wrong. At its base, a Tune Up means to tune the engine to its best possible running order. Well, times have changed and Engines don’t need to be “tuned” by and large. There are numerous computers in a Modern Vehicle that properly Tunes how the car runs… constantly.

Here’s what you need to do if you are experiencing a rough idle. First, a look at the above mentioned Computers is in order. Often times this computer will tell you a lot about how the vehicle is running. A Technician skilled in Engine Performance repair can use this to assist him or her. Based on the Computers readings a Diagnostic will be performed to uncover the underlying problem.

A Rough Idle is not normal, but performing a classic Tune Up won’t necessarily fix it. What should be done is a proper Diagnosis with the assistance of the Vehicle’s Computer in addition to proper Tools and Equipment to uncover the root problem. After that, simply Fix what the Diagnosis tell you. It’s that easy!

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