Types of Tire Damage

Tears, Punctures, and Wear

Whether you’re experiencing reduced traction or a sudden blown tire, tire damage can be dangerous on the road. Most types of tire damage are signs of deeper repair issues, so find out how an expert auto shop can offer tire repair and preventative maintenance for your vehicle. Here are the most common types of damage to your tires.

Punctures and Cuts

A sharp stone, nail, or another foreign object on the road can cause a puncture or cut in your tire. A minor puncture can cause your tire to rapidly lose pressure, while a large cut typically causes a dramatic pop and immediate loss of pressure. You may be able to patch your tire, depending on the size of the cut, but this is only a short-term solution. Stop by a local shop to swap out your damaged tire or invest in a full new set of wheels.

Sidewall Indentation

Uneven sidewalls are typically harmless features. The steel belts in the sidewalls of your tire provide additional structure and support, but they can also create uneven lines. When inflated, this causes the sidewalls of your tire to look uneven and have dimples and indentations. You can ask a local mechanic to inspect your tires if there’s an issue with your driving performance or tire pressure, but indentation typically isn’t a safety concern.

Unusual Tread Wear

Inspect your tire treads for signs of wear. Worn-out treads need to be replaced before they reduce the traction and safety of your driving. As you inspect your treads, look for signs of uneven wear. Heel and toe wear, center wear or one-sided wear are common uneven wear issues. Tire pressure or wheel alignment issues can cause these. Have a mechanic fix your alignment to increase the lifespan of your tires.

Find Affordable Tires and Preventative Maintenance Today

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