Speedy Emissions Inspections

Don't Pay RAPIDPASS - Stop By Cardinal Plaza Shell!

What is RAPIDPASS Virginia and why did they mail me a letter?

RAPIDPASS is a large, out-of-state corporation that took a picture of your vehicle’s license plate, researched you and wants you to send them money. Big brother? Invasion of your privacy? An attack on small, local businesses? In our opinion “YES”! We can still perform the emissions test and keep all of your private information out of it! Cardinal Plaza Shell offers the fastest, easiest way to get your car inspected – guaranteed!

Meet Ty Allen – A Master Safety & Emissions Inspector. Stop by and get your emissions inspection today!

What are “Speedy Emissions Inspections”?

Our Speedy Emissions Inspections are a fast, convenient emission inspection program offered by Cardinal Plaza Shell. Any car that is newer than 1996 can be tested in a quick and painless manner. Simply line up and we will take care of the rest. You don’t even need to wait with your vehicle Monday through Friday. We know you’re busy and we can make an emissions inspection much easier than driving to a remote location to test your vehicle!

Why should you come to Cardinal Plaza Shell for your emissions inspection?

1. You’ll be in and out in a short amount of time!
2. You’re supporting a local, family-owned business.
3. Certified technicians handle all tests and repairs.
4. Save money! Bring your RAPIDPASS letter to us and save $3!

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$3 Off Emissions Inspection

Bring your RAPIDPASS letter to us for your emissions inspection and receive $3 off!

Valid only with RAPIDPASS letter.

Expires:11-30-22• Cannot be combined with other offers.

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