What You Need to Know About Motor Oil

The Basics

If you bring your vehicle to Cardinal Plaza Shell in Springfield, Virginia every few months for an oil change, do you know why? It can be useful to understand the basics of motor oil and why we change it, so you can continue making the best choices for your vehicle’s maintenance. Once you know more, you’ll never want to skip your vehicle’s service!

What It Does

If you think about all of the systems on your car, the engine is like the heart. It powers everything to get the car moving. In that case, motor oil is the lifeblood that circulates through the engine. When it’s in good condition, it flows easily and protects vital engine parts. Motor oil is formulated to lubricate moving parts, which prevents wear and damage from excessive friction and heat. The lubrication from motor oil controls temperatures while the engine is running to prevent overheating. Oils also collect dirt and dust particles that would otherwise build up and damage engine parts.

Why It Needs to Be Changed

If one of motor oil’s jobs is to collect dirt, dust, and grime, then it makes sense that it will get very dirty itself over time. When oil has collected enough contaminants, it will thicken and fail to perform properly. It also won’t be able to prevent build-ups on engine parts. Dirty oil has to be changed before its effects cause damage to the engine. For the average driver, that means draining and replacing the oil every few months or few thousand miles. When the old, dirty oil is removed, your engine is cleaned of potentially performance-inhibiting contaminants. The new oil that’s added can continue protecting to keep the engine happy and healthy!

What Happens if You Don’t Change It

Some drivers like to stretch the intervals between oil changes for as long as possible to avoid paying for services more often than necessary. While we appreciate the idea behind this, we want drivers to know that putting off oil changes can put your engine at risk of developing damage. We think performing regular oil changes is much easier and more affordable than a complex and costly engine repair, so keep that in mind when it’s time for your next service. You don’t want to wait too long to visit the experts at Cardinal Plaza Shell in Springfield, Virginia!

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